Corporate Governance

Ecological Awareness

Environment Policies

Raising environmental awareness among personnel: Environmental awareness is raised through standards implementation and internal training.

Compliance with legislation on the environment: Setaş monitors environmental legislation in Turkey and all company activity is conducted in accordance with it. 

Compliance with national and international standards: An environmental management system has been implemented in accordance with the ISO 14001 certificate obtained in 2000. 

Supporting the principles of Responsible Care: Responsible Care is a voluntary global initiative of international chemical industries which focuses on safety, workers health and environmental protection. Responsible Care guidelines are implemented in all Setaş departments.

Supporting energy conservation: Improvements in production processes lead to decreases in energy and materials consumption. In addition, company personnel are encouraged to contribute personally to paper and electricity conservation. 

Waste management: Located within an organized industrial zone, Setaş uses its own water treatment facility as well as the water treatment facility of the industrial zone for managing its waste. 

Supporting organic textiles: As a company within the textile production chain, Setaş respects global standards and ensures that its production processes and products meet the standards of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). 

Developing textile products that meet Oeko-Tex standards: The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an independent international testing and certification system that grades textile products and raw materials in terms of their environmental and ecological safety. Setaş does not use raw materials that do not meet Oeko-Tex standards, or uses them within the prescribed Oeko-Tex limits.

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